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Kitti’s Web Page

Kitti (short for Kittikachorn) is a Siamese cat who lives at our place. His interests include shoelaces, food, and sleeping by the heater. He dislikes live piano music and rain.

Here are some pictures of him, and there are some sounds here

[Picture of Kitti in a tree in our garden] [Picture of Kitti trying to escape from Jon] [Cat paws on scanner] [Kitti with his attention held elsewhere] [Kitti in the wild] [Kitti basking in the sun] [Kitti lying in the grass]

Hear what Kitti has to say with these MPEG audio clips:

If you find that you need extra software to play these, may I suggest mpg123 for Unix, MPEGA for AmigaDOS, and WinAmp for 32-bit Windowses; look here if you’re using MacOS. Failing all this, have a look at mp3.com’s software page.

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